Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 5:40 PM
Preventative Maintenance – Atlanta

Location: ATL03 – Atlanta, GA, USA
Date: August 11, 2017
Start Time: 08:00 EDT
End Time: 17:00 EDT

Anticipated Impact: Temporary loss of redundancy.


This scheduled maintenance is to ensure equipment is up to manufacturer specification throughout the ATL03 data center facility. During this maintenance all components and systems of these systems will be examined and checked to ensure they are operating properly. There will be no load transfers during this maintenance window so we do not anticipate any customer facing impact. This operation is fully scripted and intended to be completely transparent to all operations at ATL03. Please keep in mind that during this window ATL03 is considered “at risk”.

If you have any questions please update us via ticket to support@vps.net.