21st September 2020

Cloud Servers PAR05 PDU_PDN-Test différentiel / Test of the earthleak protections room 0.R007 and room 1.R111 (only Feed A)

Site Location: PAR5 Data Centre [ Saint Denis, France ]

Impact to Service: Potential, Customer Intervention MAY BE Required

Type: Power

Time Start: 24 September 2020 23:00 Local time

Time End: 25 September 2020 06:00 Local time


Dear Valued Customer,

Interxion would like to inform you that we have planned preventive maintenance as scheduled above.

The preventive maintenance is part of our yearly maintenance program.

Precautionary Measures:

Please be advised that all equipment connected to only one feed will lose power.

We advise you to check that your equipment is connected to both feeds provided (A and B) and/or to automatic source inverters in the case it is only connected to a single feed. Also, please make sure the total consumption on both feeds does not exceed the plugsets protection during the feed’s interruption.

Impact: Electric interruption of one feed