1st October 2018

Main Website Chicago - Cloud Maintenance

Start Date: Oct. 1st 3:00 AM CDT Event Type: Planned Maintenance Event Description:

In order to better server our customers we will be moving our Chicago Cloud servers behind new networking hardware. We will be powering off each virtual server and move the hardware starting at 3:00 AM CDT . Once completed the servers will be powered on individually.

Updates: Oct. 1st 5:45 AM CDT We have completed the move of the cloud hardware, and powered on each virtual server. If your VPS is still offline. please contact our support team for further investigation.

Oct. 1st 4:45 AM CDT At this time all hardware has been physically moved and we are working on getting power to each server.

Oct. 1st 2:47 AM CDT We have checked all systems and will be powering off the servers shortly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support@VPS.NET