24th October 2018

MONT-A Storage Migration 28/10/2018, scheduled 4 years ago

MONT-A Storage Migration 28/10/2018

In effort to improve the performance and reliability of our Cloud Platform, we will be conducting maintenance in our Montreal-A (MONT-A) data center beginning at 10 PM EST (Local Time) to migrate Virtual Servers (VPS) to newly built storage mediums.

Expected downtime:  Linux Servers: from 5 to 30 min Windows Servers: up to 1 hour 

Clouds Effected: Montreal-A
Maintenance Start Time: 28/10/2018, 10 P.M. EDT Maintenance Completion Time: 30/10/2018, 6 A.M. EDT

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support@VPS.NET and we will be happy to assist.