13th December 2018

Cloud Servers Intermittent Network Connectivity - SLC DC- 12/13/2018

Unplanned Outage:

Some of our customers are currently reporting intermittent connectivity issues to some services in the SLC Datacenter. If you believe you are impacted, then please submit a ticket with forward and reverse traceroute or MTR from your location to your service so we can investigate on our end. support@VPS.NET

Our network team is currently engaged and investigating the issue. We will update here as soon as we are able.

--Update-- The network team has ruled out issues in our network and determined the cause to be an upstream network provider. We are investigating the issue with the provider and will update as soon as we are able. Please continue to provide networking diagnostics via ticket if you believe your services are impacted.

--Update-- All affected ranges have been rerouted to mitigate this issue and services are back online. We're currently working with our upstream providers to ensure that full capacity is restored. Please contact Support if you experience any connectivity issues.