5th December 2017

Emergency Network Maintenance - New York City, scheduled 4 years ago

Primary Date: 2017-12-06 Start Date: 09:00 GMT (04:00 EST) End Date: 10:00 GMT (05:00 EST) Duration: up to 1 hour Location of Maintenance: New York City, NY Reason for Maintenance: We have identified a performance bug in our Core router software current version. Our vendors have recommended an emergency upgrade of our Core router software in New York City to fix the issues identified with the current version.

Expected Impact: Public network connectivity will be completely offline for a minimum of 10 minutes, with an expected impact of 25 minutes. We have scheduled this maintenance for 1 hour to ensure connectivity is restored after the upgrade.

If you have questions on this maintenance, please open up a ticket with our Support team so we can assist you. Thank you for your patience!